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I'am Queen Esther - Special Edition SOLD

I'am Queen Esther - Special Edition SOLD

This beautiful ebony doll is apart of the special edition collection.  Hand crafted by Queen in a beautiful vibrant yellow crochet technique accented with royal purple satin mini roses generously placed all over the swirled stiched dress with silver accents.  Queen Esther has one swirled braid down her back with a custom headdress that matches her dress.  This unique creations is in a class all by itself and you can have one made like this by order today via email at GGOLDQQUEEN22@YAHOO.COM 


You can also purchase dolls like this one at 


Beautiful Baby Butterflies Boutique &

Queens Custom Creations Boutique

2020 Leonard Ave., Suite 100 N

Columbus, Ohio  43219 

Phone:   614-378-5698

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$115.00 Regular Price
$80.50Sale Price
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