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I'am Queen Julie

I'am Queen Julie

************** "FIGHT-HER BREAST CANCER AWARD" *********

** Looking to Donate this beauty to a "QUEEN" who is in need of Inspiration to continue her FIGHT or to award a FIGHT-HER! Please email your nomination or submission to Queen at GGOLDQQUEEN22@YAHOO.COM You can also purchase your very own if you would like to gift & award your very own Queen & Fight-Her for a donation that will go towards the fight for a cure for breast cancer that will be donated to the BreastCancerSociety in the amount of $200! Thank you for your contribution


Beautiful Baby Butterflies Boutique & Queens Custom Creations Boutique Located: at 2020 Leonard Ave., Suite 100 N, Columbus, Ohio 43219 Phone: 614-378-5698

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